Reimagining monetary policy as a federal project

FEDMONEY is hiring a PhD candidate!


Dilara Aydogus
PhD Fellow

Dilara is a doctoral fellow at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Legal Sciences, UCLouvain. Following the completion of her LLB at Galatasaray University, she obtained her MA degree in social policy at Bogazici University and LLM degree in European law at Universidade Catholica Portuguesa. Currently, her research focuses on the comparative examination of monetary policies from a multidisciplinary perspective including legal, economic and historical aspects.

dilara <dot> aydogus <at> uclouvain <dot> be

Erik Olsson
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Erik is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Charles de Visscher Center for International and European Law, UCLouvain. He holds a PhD in political science from Boston University and he previously studied political science and economics at Uppsala University. His research focuses on the political, social, and ideological dimensions of economic policies and institutions.

erik <dot> olsson <at> uclouvain <dot> be

Pieter-Augustijn Van Malleghem
Principal Investigator

Pieter-Augustijn is Professor of EU law at UCLouvain. He studied law, economics and philosophy in Belgium, Spain and the U.S. His research interests lie at the intersection of constitutional law, economics and critical legal thought.

pieter-augustijn <dot> vanmalleghem <at> uclouvain <dot> be

The FEDMONEY team is growing ... A second PhD candidate is expected in September 2024, and a second Post-Doctoral Fellow in September 2025.

The team members are deeply grateful for the support of Sybille Descampe and Séverine Firla, without whom this project would not be possible. Rainer Ferdinand Teuber provided invaluable help throughout the application process. The team thanks the administrative staff at UCLouvain, in particular at the Faculty of Law, for their assistance to the project.